Place-Based System Change

Moderator: Somava Saha, Executive Lead, Well Being In the Nation (WIN) Network
Liz Baxter, CEO, North Sound Accountable Community for Health (ACH)
Dr. Stephanie Kripa Cooper-Lewter, EVP, Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust
Emily Yu, ED, The BUILD Health Challenge and MD Partnerships, de Beaumont Foundation

Transformation happens in states and local communities; that is, it occurs “in place”. This session explores what it takes to equitably transform systems in place. How do we bring multi-sector and multi-issue leaders together to address multiple vital conditions in integrated ways rather than in silos? What are the impediments, what is required for more progress, and how can we ensure that systems shift equitably to generate transformative outcomes for those who are almost always left behind? Our panelists share their visions and their experience from their place-based efforts.