about us

SIE is a national, cross-sector membership association dedicated to generating large-scale social impact through systems change.



Collaborate. Develop. Share.

Our distinctive systemic approach has the potential to achieve a new norm of collaborative action by enabling leaders from across philanthropy, business, government, nonprofits, and communities to work together to solve complex problems by transforming systems.

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The signature initiative of its parent nonprofit Growth Philanthropy Network (GPN), through initial support from the Robert Wood Johnson, Rockefeller and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations.



Our strategic approach focuses on creating and spreading cross-sector collaborative initiatives (nonprofits, philanthropy, business, and government) with a goal of achieving systemic change and population-level impact.

SIE focuses on catalyzing, funding and creating the sector capacity to spread cross-sector

collaborative initiatives that drive systemic change

SIE has

Two Main Functions

Our Focus

While SIE focuses its systems initiatives primarily on education, health and poverty alleviation, it defines these categories broadly and recognizes that some of the biggest gains in impact come from working across issues. SIE’s knowledge and learning venues are geared to all social issues.

Our Goal

Transform our communities and society and generate equitable population-level impact on the most difficult issues in education, health, and poverty alleviation. We do this by combining cross-sector collaboration with system change that centers equity and by working to advance this approach so that it can become a new societal norm for addressing complex social problems.

SIE pursues its mission through

Several Initiatives