SIE facilitates systems change initiative in health. Our stakeholders developed the following North Star goal to guide our efforts:

Systems of health and well-being done right means everyone and every community has what they need to thrive. Where systems are rooted in a shared understanding and explicit commitment to equity, particularly racial equityare led in community by those closest to inequities as primary decision-makers; are aligned and foster collaboration across sectors and issues; provide integrated, whole-person centered support as the norm; and ensure everyone is free from systemic injustice.

We work with funder and multi-sector networks to fund and support equitable systems transformation initiatives in health and social determinants of health – including field-wide and place-based efforts. Equity is at the center of this work. 

This work builds on SIE’s 5 years of community-led systems change work in health, including a national health systems change initiative focused on chronic illness.

If you are interested in learning more or collaborating on systems change efforts, please Contact us.