Systems Transformation Fund

We believe our sector’s imperative is to change the underlying systems that foster inequity, so that the pattern of racial, education, economic and health inequities does not continue in unending cycles. Until we change these systems, we will not achieve the vision of a multiracial society where everyone thrives.

SIE has established a fund to support multi-sector systems change initiatives across the country. These pioneering initiatives address root causes of inequities to transform their communities and enable all residents to thrive. They are in the vanguard of using systems approaches to transcend incremental progress due to fragmented, siloed efforts and achieve transformative impact at a population level.

As we know, ineffective and inequitable systems will render even the best of programs moot. These initiatives are examples of multi-sector networks that shift how systems work. They represent models from the fields of education, health, and economic mobility. The individuals and organizations powering each initiative understand that equitable systems change doesn’t occur overnight and are committed to the long haul.


Your Role

Your support will help ensure the financial sustainability of these initiatives, allowing them to demonstrate success in their groundbreaking systems approaches to addressing complex, intractable problems at scale. Equally important, your investment will help ensure that the lessons they learn are widely shared, thereby encouraging the wider adoption of systems change as a common practice.

You may designate contributions to support a specific issue.

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About the Initiatives

The Fund’s offerings are best in class initiatives using systems change approaches that seek to improve outcomes in education, health, and economic mobility. Each has a “backbone” organization that supports the collective efforts of a diverse multi-sector network that puts community organizations in the lead to drive systems change. All have a deeper shared purpose: an equitable society where all individuals have an equal opportunity to thrive. 

Education, Children and Families

Through their experiences in school, family and community, all young people should be ready to thrive in life. These systems initiatives have a focus on multiple aspects of the readiness journey, including the education systems of early childhood, K-12 and post-secondary as well as a broader set of readiness factors.

Systems Initiatives:

Open Opportunity (Massachusetts) 

— Say Yes (Syracuse, NY)

— All Children Thrive (Long Beach, CA)

— Leading on Opportunity
 (Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC)        


Health and Well-Being

Health and well-being are multi-faceted issues heavily influenced by the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age. Access to quality health care is important, but a larger contributor to health are the social determinants of health. These initiatives focus on both healthcare and social determinants.

Economic Mobility

Economic mobility: the ability of an individual, family, or community to improve their economic situation. This definition is deceptively simple; fulfilling the promise of economic mobility is far more complex and involves multiple interrelated factors that these initiatives address.                                                     

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