Systems Change Demonstrations


SIE facilitates systems change initiatives in education and youth systems with a North Star goal of “taking coordinated action to bring about a coherent, dynamic ecosystem of youth-serving systems rooted in equity and justice, particularly racially and economically, such that all young people thrive in school and in life.”

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SIE facilitates systems change initiative in health. Our stakeholders developed the following North Star goal to guide our efforts:

Systems of health and well-being done right means everyone and every community has what they need to thrive. Where systems are rooted in a shared understanding and explicit commitment to equity, particularly racial equity;

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Economic Equity

The Social Impact Exchange focuses on economic equity systems change initiative largely through its health and education work. Through this work, we identify systems initiatives to support that transform economic systems so that all people can prosper. Our stakeholders see economic equity as a driver of both health and education outcomes. 

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