Diffusion of Innovations

Applying Diffusion of Innovation Theory to Intervention Development

The paper reviews the diffusion theory and focuses on seven concepts—intervention attributes, intervention clusters, demonstration projects, societal sectors, reinforcing contextual conditions, opinion leadership, and intervention adaptation—with potential for accelerating the spread of evidence-based practices, programs, and policies in the field

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A Summary of Diffusion of Innovation

Article summarizes three valuable insights offered by diffusion of innovation as they relate to social change: 1. What qualities make an innovation spread; 2. The importance of peer-peer conversations and peer networks; 3. Understanding the needs of different user segments.

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Diffusion of Innovation

In this renowned book, Everett M. Rogers, professor and chair of the Department of Communication & Journalism at the University of New Mexico, explains how new ideas spread via communication channels over time. Such innovations are initially perceived as uncertain

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