Essay Series on Accelerating Progress in Scale-Ups – Part Two

This is the second installment of the Exchange’s essay series representing reflections from 13 of the more than 400 participants at the Social Impact Exchange‘s 2013 Conference on Scaling Impact.

Essayists share their comments about the conference sessions and overarching theme of creating a system of cross-sector collaboration among philanthropy, government, and business. Together, the authors weave a story that speaks to accelerating progress on scaling-up social solutions that work.

The second part of the series includes reflections from Tonya Allen, CEO and incoming president of The Skillman Foundation, who writes about The Detroit Experience and the Foundation’s prescription for nurturing a culture of collaboration that helps investments stick, ensures that ‘change’ scales, and makes sure the work really matters. In addition, Suzanne Smith, founder and managing director of Social ImpactArchitects, shares examples of Cities on the Move, reflecting on how several cities are playing a critical role in promoting social innovation, new ideas, and collaboration.

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