Get Ready for Your High-Impact Fundraising Campaign (3-Part Webinar Series)

We are pleased to share a learning opportunity presented by our friends at The Whalen Group, in partnership with The Foundation Center. In this three-part series, Charlie Whelan will be taking an in-depth look at building campaign-readiness with your staff, systems, and volunteer leadership. As your organization prepares for growth, these fundamentals will not just prepare you for a successful campaign, but also position you for sustainable fundraising success.

Get Ready for Your High-Impact Fundraising Campaign (3-Part Webinar Series)
Webinars take place from 2:00pm to 3:30pm ET on May 8, 15 and 22.

Attend this three-part webinar series to learn strategies and tactics that will strengthen your organization’s ability to conduct a major fundraising campaign, increase your annual fundraising efforts, and expand your revenue-generating capacity. This approach to campaign readiness will help you focus on your organization’s long-term sustainability… or, better yet, “thrive-ability.”

Institutional Planning: Setting Priorities for Your Fundraising Campaign, May 8
After a discussion of the role that institutional planning plays in helping you determine the scope of your funding needs, we’ll explore how those funding needs will help you set priorities for the campaign.

Voluntary Leadership: The Essential Role of the Board and Campaign Volunteers, May 15
This webinar will discuss the critical role of the board in authorizing, providing oversight, and, ultimately, assuming effective leadership for your campaign. We will focus on the board’s involvement in identifying and recruiting a strong campaign committee and in delegating fundraising responsibility to the campaign’s voluntary leadership.

Campaign Prospecting: Re-imagining the Way You Identify and Manage Your Major Gift Prospects, May 22
In this discussion of the challenges you will face in assembling a sufficient number of major gift prospects to support your campaign, we will explore how best to pinpoint the individuals and institutions that have sufficient capacity to justify your campaign goal.



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