The Future is Now!

I’m fortunate in that my paid employment has always been focused on mission-driven work, apart from a few waitressing stints along the way.  At the Social Impact Exchange, our mission is to help create the infrastructure that will lead to more efficient growth capital markets so that nonprofits can attract the funds they need to scale the impact of their work.

At times, our mission, compelling and exciting as it is, can feel a little lofty or abstract.  Market infrastructure?  Growth capital?  For nonprofits? 

But a few minutes reflecting on 2012 puts it all into perspective, filled as this year was with reminders that the challenges we face are all too real. The recent destruction left in the wake of Storm Sandy and the tragic shooting in Newtown, CT,  have brought to the fore issues related to education, youth development, health and mental health, and poverty alleviation.

On the one hand, these events were extraordinary.  On the other hand, the sad truth is that every day in this country and around the world, individuals and their families suffer as a result of the same issues raised by these two tragedies. The challenges are real, and we can no longer put off addressing them.  At the Social Impact Exchange, we hope to be part of the solution by:

1)  Identifying high-impact nonprofits that have the potential to help thousands, if not millions of people in the U.S.;  and

2)  Creating infrastructure that allows growth capital to flow to these organizations in a more consistent and efficient way.

Achieving these goals will require the support and participation of thousands of individuals and organizations.  If you would like to do something right now, we invite you to check out the S&I 100, our recently-launched index of over 100 U.S. based nonprofits that are making a difference in the fields of education, youth development, health, and poverty alleviation.  Consider making a contribution to one whose work you find especially compelling.  Or join the Social Impact Exchange and become part of the movement to scale social impact.

I extend my deep appreciation for your interest and support, and best wishes for 2013.

Anne Sherman is the Vice President of Nonprofit Strategy at the Social Impact Exchange, Growth Philanthropy Network