Cracking the Network Code: Four Principles for Grantmakers

Paper outlines four principles that comprise the network mindset, illustrates the principles with a range of examples of networks that have achieved real results, and offers practical questions and recommendations to help grantmakers achieve the benefits and avoid common pitfalls of

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Why Supporting Advocacy Makes Sense for Foundations

This report explores the experiences of funders committed to supporting advocacy efforts. The report provides about the wide spectrum of advocacy activities funders can support, including: Research and Dissemination; Raising Awareness; Community Organising; Grassroots Mobilisation; Building Capacity; Policy Development; Lobbying;

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The Networked Nonprofit

Management wisdom says that nonprofits must be large and in charge to do the most good. But some of the world’s most successful organizations instead stay small, sharing their load with like-minded, long-term partners. The success of these networked nonprofits

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